Award-Winning Dog Photography in Essex

Our Best Friends

In the UK we are a nation of animal lovers and one of the favourites has to be our best friend the dog, for many of us our dogs are just as important as any other member of the family. This is the reason I offer dog photography sessions, I love animals, especially dogs and absolutely love being around dogs, capturing their little personalities for their owners.


Since I moved to Maylandsea I am very lucky to now have many great locations for dog photography right on my doorstep so whether you would like a woodland, coastal, countryside or polished studio image feel to your photographs I can find plenty of great locations.

Master Photographers Association Highly Commended Dog Photographer

Deciding On a Great Location

There is no wrong or right location, it really depends on the style you would like, woodland shoots tend to be darker and a little moodier than say a location out in the open such as a beach.

Some places that are not too busy and great for dog photography are Mundon woods, Shell Beach in Bradwell, and the acres of open countryside and sea walls surrounding my local area. If you have a nice place near you, I am very happy to travel to capture your dog in your locations.

Often I will use natural light and seek out great locations to get the best conditions to photograph your dog. The time of day can also be important but If studio lighting is needed on the location that is no problem, through my wedding photography I have a whole array of portable lighting.

So elegant and beautiful, absolutely superb image “Ray Lowe – Chairman of the MPA”

Finding the Best Conditions

If you want golden light then book your shoot to coincide with the golden hour, we can check the optimum time for the time of year you have your shoot to ensure the best chance of capturing your dog in the beautiful evening light. You may even be able to persuade me to get up early for a sunrise shoot!

I want you to have a piece of art on your wall so whatever you would like I will do my best to accommodate.