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Good family photographs need to capture personalities and document the spirit of your family at that moment in time, as an Essex family photographer I pride myself on adding a little extra to family photography, which is why I often host shoots out on location, whether it be your favourite park or attraction, I try to add something to the background of the photographs and to tell your family story.

I am very proud to have become a highly in-demand master wedding photographer, photographing weddings in essex is all about capturing moments and emotion which is something that lends itself very nicely to family and lifestyle photography.

Capturing Memories

Families are always changing, kids grow up and change so fast. One of the great things about photographs is the memories and emotions they can provide over and over again every time they are viewed.

Family shoots are also a great opportunity to get the family together to have a bit of fun whilst capturing a snapshot of everyone at that moment of time.

Why not get several generations involved, I can provide family shoots in the comfort of your own home or out on locations such as a nice park.

Creative Family Photography…

Whether you are looking for some formal family portraits of something a bit more stylised, I’d love to hear about your ideas and help you come up with something really special.

Providing relaxed family shoots in your own home…

I will often provide family shoot in the comfort of your own home, I can bring backgrounds or we can use rooms in your home, the choices are endless. 

The key to Great Family Photographs

The most important element that we as photographers have to control is light, the light will make or break a photograph. When shooting outside I will use the natural light where possible but if it simply isn’t up to providing the quality I need to get you amazing photographs then I will use studio lighting on location to make sure everyone looks their best.

If you want to know more about this please get in touch and I’ll be happy to explain in far more detail.

Themed Photography

If you really want something different, you could consider a themed photoshoot, there are a few examples on this page but please get in touch if you have an idea that you would like to bring to life. I love a challenge. I have done WW2 themed, Gangster and various winter themed shoots to mention a few, they are a lot of fun and create some amazing photographs.

If you are a member of a club or you perform in shows and would like some photographs to showcase what you do then that is also something I can help you with, I regularly shoot performing arts clubs so please get in touch.

You can see a showreel from the WW2 shoot by clicking here.

Lets Chat…

If you would like to discuss the images you would like, please get in touch and I would be more than happy to run through some ideas with you and plan how we can capture those moments in a natural and stylish way.

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