Engagement Shoots

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For Essex engagement shoot photography we really are blessed to live in such a scenic and beautiful county, its not until you start brainstorming location ideas you realise just how much variety and choice we have.

So what is an engagement shoot?

Engagement shoots are a photoshoot dedicated to capturing some fantastic images of you that will remind you of yourselves as a couple before you got married.

Why are they a great idea?

There are many reasons why engagement shoots are a great idea, one of the key benefits is it gives us a chance to get to know what images you like and what style works best for you. Do you like the fun and relaxed style or do you prefer the more loving romantic photographs? The engagement shoot is the time to try out different styles and you may well find you are surprised by the images you like best.

Engagement shoots are a great way for you to get to know your photographer and have a practice run of being photographed, this will help you feel more at ease on your big day and being more relaxed will help you look even better in your photographs. An engagement shoot will not only provide you with some great photographs but knowing some of the techniques to help you look at your best will help you feel great when it comes to capturing your wedding photographs.

Do all photographers offer engagement shoots?

Not all wedding photographers offer engagement shoots as standard but will likely offer the option. I currently include them in my full day collections as I think the benefits they offer are so great that it seems silly to me to not include them. They are complimentary so if you book with me you, I’d recommend that you do.

Where can you have an engagement shoot?

You can have your engagement shoot anywhere, I normally ask my couples where they actually got engaged or if there is a particular location that is special to them. As an example, I have provided Essex engagement shoot photography at stables, river walks, in a medieval castle, at wedding venues as well as many other locations. You need to think about the scenes you like, do you like the countryside or perhaps you prefer a more urban environment. You also need to think about the timing, would you prefer a summer style shoot or something more wintery?

Relive the day you got engaged

One of the best things about an engagement shoot is the emotions and feelings that the photographs can evoke. If you think back to the moment you got engaged, how did you feel? I’m guessing it was a mixture of excitement, love and an overwhelming feeling of happiness. Imagine if you had a set of images that could remind you of those feelings every time you see them whether they are in an album or proudly hanging on your wall. My job is to give you a finished product that can bring those feelings back which is why it’s important to pick the right location and time of year as well as many other factors to consider.

Why not involve your pets

We are a nation of pet lovers so why not bring them along with you. I love working with animals, quite recently I did an engagement shoot at some stables where we captured various photographs with the couple’s horses. This was a lot of fun and I know the couple found watching me try to direct and position a horse very amusing.

Dream big

An engagement shoot is an opportunity to have some fun while getting some great images so dream big! If you have an idea try to make it happen, I love a challenge and will always try to accommodate whatever my couples ask for so I’d love to hear your ideas.


For more information on engagement shoots please check out my dedicated page and the many blogs on my website.

Why are engagement shoots a great idea?

  • You get some great couple photographs.
  • They help to alleviate any concerns about being photographed.
  • Great for save the date cards or invitations.
  • The photographs bring back happy memories of getting engaged whenever you see them

A few ideas for engagement shoot locations in and around Essex

…to name just a few.

Things to think about when planning your Engagement Shoot?


  • Do you have any pets you would like included, maybe your dog or even your horse?
  • What hobbies or interests do you both share?
  • What did you do on your first date?
  • Have you seen anything interesting you would like to put your own stamp on?
  • Where did you get engaged? Can we incorporate any aspects of that into the shoot?
  • Do you like the country look or prefer something more urban?
  • Are you into sports? Do have a favourite team / team colours you would like to incorporate?

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