Wedding Albums – Should you have one?

Wedding Albums, do you need one? I believe the simple answer is a big “Yes” and below I will explain why.

A good wedding album ensures your photographs will be viewed in high-quality print

Photographs were always meant to be viewed in print, but many people nowadays only ever view them on-screen or even worse on a phone or tablet. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with this, but if you have invested in a good photographer using the latest high-resolution cameras and high-grade lenses you won’t be viewing your images at their full potential. Viewing them in high-quality wedding albums not only groups the photographs together to tell a story, but it makes showing them to people so much easier and you can be sure you will be seeing your wedding photographs looking amazing.

Wedding Albums make showing off your wedding photographs easy and ensure they are viewed in the correct order to tell the story as it happened.

Are All Wedding Albums the Same?

There are hundreds of album manufacturers out there so there will obviously be differences. Graphi Studio is an industry leader and provide amazing quality albums, so good they even come with a lifetime warranty on the bindings.

Sure you can go online and there are many DIY albums providers, but the albums available to professional photographers are in a different league. The budget online albums are printed on basic paper to a lower quality. Companies such as Graphi use the best papers and printers to ensure they really do your wedding photographs justice and they will not fade or degrade over time.

The quality of print makes a huge difference to the viewing experience, if you view a highstreet lab print next to a professional print printed on fine art paper you will never want standard prints again, they really are worlds apart.







It Will Become a Family Legacy

As a professional Essex wedding photographer, I have access to the professional labs and album manufacturers that exclusively supply professionals so I am able to supply you with the highest quality albums printed with precise colour calibrated printers ensuring you will have a timeless family heirloom to show in generations to come.

Sadly, everyone’s time on earth does one day have to come to an end. Often your wedding album will contain photographs of loved ones no longer with us, but through a great album, the memories of those loved ones can live on forever. Your wedding album is likely to become a big part of your family history.

I know the printed photographs I have of my own family, especially of those no longer with us are absolutely priceless.

As professional album suppliers use only high-quality materials, you can be sure the memories will last forever!

A Wedding Album Provides Happiness

Imagine if you could own a product that had the power to take you right back to how you felt on your wedding day every time you hold it in your hands, I guess that sounds pretty good… Well that’s what a good wedding album can do, every page filled with different feelings and emotions.

Many couples experience a bit of a comedown after their wedding day, after all the planning and excitement it’s suddenly all over and you can be left feeling a bit down. I love it when I deliver an album to a couple and see the sheer joy in their faces as they flick through the pages and get taken right back to the happy day.

The Design Process

The great thing about Graphi albums is the almost infinite choices available, we can specify the size, shape, colour, cover, box, display window, ribbon and all sorts of other design possibilities meaning you can have an album truly unique to you.

You can now even have video slideshows built into the lids of some albums and if you want to the album can incorporate items from your wedding such as the pattern on your dress,  the colour scheme, theme, the possibilities are endless. Although the album manufacturer I use is based in Italy they have a UK office where the staff are on hand to help with any complex design requirements.

So whatever design you would like, I’m pretty sure we will be able to accommodate.

Creative Essex Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer in Essex based just outside Braintree, I shoot weddings all over Essex, the South East and beyond. If you are interested in knowing more about my wedding photography services and albums please do not hesitate to get in touch and I’d be more than happy to help you.

When I am photographing a wedding I will always have the album design in the back of my mind making sure I capture photographs that will make your wedding album look amazing. This will often involve selecting photographs that I know will look great together in an album spread and making sure you have the wide environmental images for the double-page spreads.

It also means colour toning the images so that they match and complement each other perfectly. I use specialist design software which allows me to create all manner of different styles and easily export proofs to send to my couples so they can see exactly how their album will look before it goes to print.

For more details on wedding albums, you can check out this short video by clicking here.

Of course, if you would like to see and hold the albums just let me know and I can arrange that for you.

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